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Vlar a posted Dec 26, 14
It would appear that registration on this site was turned off -- it has been turned on again!
Azalia-Tor Thanks for sorting the registration Vlar - Merry Christmas
With Revan casting a long shadow over AoT, we’ve dusted off our progression trousers in anticipation. The new expansion has brought two new operations with it, and starting small we’re very pleased with our successful - as well as highly entertaining - romp through all of The Ravagers. With our sight set firmly on making a start on some of the latest hard mode content in the new year, the gearing has begun!

Revan will have to watch his back as AoT is coming for him when work begins on Temple of Sacrifice!

Kernow a it's about time we got some kills up. good work all.
Just one night after finally beating Brontes in DF HM, AoT went back to the Dread Palace and challenged Dread Master Raptus once again, after failing to kill him six months ago. As expected, the boss did not prove to be that big of a challenge and after just a few attempts we got him down. All that is left now is to defeat the Dread Council and our HM progress will be complete! Good job everyone!

Six months since the last time we made raid progress, AoT is back on track. It took us a while but congrats on our first ever Brontes HM kill - and we did it with class, killing the tentacle lady in our first try of the night thus officially clearing all bosses in Dread Fortress HM!

As you can see in the picture below, I felt extremely confident that this was the One, so I did /stuck during the fight to make it more interesting for the rest of the group and they did not disappoint. Good job by everyone.

After facing various bugs in Dread Fortress HM, which recently prevented us from getting a chance of killing the final boss, we decided to venture into the other operation and in AoT style progression is being made just in the second week spent there. After easily killing the first boss last week we were having some trouble defeating Dread Master Tyrans and his evasive platforms until last night, after a very successful and fun raid and despite of some lag issues, we were able to down not only him but Calphayus as well only for time to run out before we could also kill boss #4 who proved to be more than doable for us in the short time we faced him.

Good job by everyone and grats on your new loot. May it help us get 10/10 bosses sooner and then.. why not back to the NiM raids for some titles?

Kernow a I imagine you were also missing a lot of burst in my absence. awesome to be back and raiding!! x
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